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The region surrounding the Free Lord's Keep is known as the Borderlands, as they are the border between civilised realms and such despoiled places as contain Highport. The orcs and humanoids call this region the Pomarj. Various rulers rule the villages and towns throughout the region; the Free Lord of Greyhawk is but one.

Tyrmar's wood elf village is located somewhere in the very large forest that emanates out from the Free Lord's Keep (described as the Suss Forest on the map). The inhabitants of this forest have suffered at the hands of evil humanoids, as well as from the slavers in recent years.

Avis Redmarch, Dainn's mentor, is the Free Lord of Greyhawk's Psi. He shares equal status with the Incantatrix, the Free Lord's sorceress. The Giantbane family name has some fame around both the lands of Greyhawk to the north and the Borderlands.

Malikor, although a wood elf, comes from a different tribe than Tyrmar. His village was located in a different part of the forest from Tyrmar's village (being much further away north from the Keep). The wood elves of the Sacred Grove are very isolated from the doings of the other inhabitants of the Borderlands.

The Borderguard Clans, including Clan Silverleaf, are clans of moon elves who literally guard the Borderlands from the humanoids of the despoiled lands. They have their own rulers, but are sometimes allied to the Free Lord of Greyhawk.

One of the well known "stories" regarding Giantbane Senior is his disppearance in the Duchy of Geoff - after defeating the Fire Giant King, he apparently descended into the depths of the earth and was never heard from again, or so it is said ... the truth remains unknown.

Celestian is the _human god_ of stars, space and wanderers - he's neutral with good tendencies. He is served by an order of paladins, known as the Order of the Shooting Star, of which Lianya must be a member.

Silvanus, also known as _Rillifane Rallathil_ in the old tongue, is the elven god of wilderness, forests and sylvan elves - he's chaotic good with neutral tendencies. And, of course, Moradin Soulforger is the chief god of the dwarves - he's lawful good. A character may or _may not_ have a patron, as noted in a message last turn.

Enstad, Cygar's home, is a large city some 160 miles northwest of the Free Lord's Keep.

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