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Damien Farslayer

SPECIAL NOTES: Lions have been gone for 1 day

Damien Farslayer
RACE: Moon Elf
HEIGHT: 6' 3"
CLASS: Ranger/Cleric
WEIGHT: 175 pounds
ALIGNMENT: Neutral Good
AGE: 138
DEITY: Silvanus the Oak Father
SEX: Male
HOME: High Forest
BUILD: Slim & Wiry
SKIN COLOR: White, tanned
BIRTH DATE: don't know your calendar

Mother - Warrior Priestess of Silvanus Mother, Father, 2 Sisters
Father - Ranger/Wizard

MOVEMENT RATE: 11 (encumbered)
AC ADJ (DEX): -4
ARMOR TYPE: Elven Chain Mail

LEVEL(S): 4 / 4
EXPERIENCE POINTS: 10,334 / 10,334

STRENGTH:14 Weight: 55 lbs. Open Doors: 8 Bend Bars/lift Gates: 7% Hit Adj: 0 Damage Adj: nil (Carrying 81 pounds - encumbered)
DEXTERITY:19 Missile Attack Adj: +3 Reaction Adj: +3 Defense Adj: -4
Move Silently: 53% Base 33, +5 for elf, +15 dex (+20 total bonus) Hide in Shadows: 50% Base 25, +10 for elf, +15 dex (+25 total bonus) Detect Noise: 20% Elven ability
CONSTITUTION:14 System Shock: 88% Poison Save: 0 Hit Point Bonus: 0 Resurrection: 92%
INTELLIGENCE :14 Max. Spell Level: 7th Max. # of Spells/Level: 6 Immunities: None Bonus # Prof: 4 Learn Spells: 60%
WISDOM:18 Bonus Spells: 2 1st level, 2 2nd level % Spell Failure: None Magic Save: +2 Immunities: None
CHARISMA:7 Loyalty: -2 # of Henchmen: 3 Reaction: -1

ROD 13


PROFICIENCY CHECK Tracking (special) 50% + modifier
Land Based Riding 19
Hunting 15
Animal Handling 15
Animal Training Lions
Animal Lore 14
Bowyer Fletcher 18
Horses 16
Swimming 14

LANGUAGES :: Elven, Common


Surprise Foes 3 in 6, Only Surprised on a 1
+1 per level Damage bonus versus giant class opponents



WEAPONS - Long Sword and Bow (+1 to hit - racial bonus)

Long Sword - Specialized - THAC0 = 15 Attacks 3/2 Weapon Speed 2 Damage 1-8+2 / 1-12+2
Long Bow - Proficient - THAC0 = 13 Attacks 2/1 Weapon Speed 4 Damage 1-8
Dagger - Proficient - THAC0 = 17 Attacks 1/1 Weapon Speed -1 Damage 1-4 / 1-3
(Thrown) - Proficient - THAC0 = 14 Attacks 2/1 Weapon Speed -1 Damage 1-4 / 1-3
Spear - Proficient - THAC0 = 17 Attacks 1/1 Weapon Speed 3 Damage 1-6 / 1-8
(Thrown) - Proficient - THAC0 = 14 Attacks 1/1 Weapon Speed 3 Damage 1-6 / 1-8

PRIEST SPELLS (X means has already been cast)


Level One: (5)
X Cure Light Wounds
X Cure Light Wounds
X Cure Light Wounds
X Cure Light Wounds
X Cure Light Wounds

Level Two: (4)
X Cure Moderate Wounds
X Cure Moderate Wounds
Hold Person
Silence 15' Radius


Location Item Weight
Small Belt Pouch - worn left hip Figurine of Wondrous Power - Lion (male - Kala) 1
Small Belt Pouch - worn left hip Figurine of Wondrous Power - Lion (female - Arbra) 1
Small Belt Pouch - worn left hip Continual Light Coin *
Small Belt Pouch - worn left hip
Scabbard across back Elven Long Sword w/scabbard 5
Scabbard across back Elven Long Sword w/scabbard 5
Left Boot Sheath Dagger 1
Right Boot Sheath Dagger 1
Carried over left shoulder Very Fine - Elven Composite Long Bow 3
Carried over right shoulder Quiver - w/ 40 sheaf arrows 5
Small Belt pouch - worn right hip 50 metal arrow heads 2
Small Belt pouch - worn right hip 5 spare bow strings *
Hooked to Backpack Wineskin - 1 gallon capacity - w/Elven Wine 8
Worn Elven Chain Mail 25
Worn Riding boots 1
Worn Belt *
Worn Fine Elven Cloak *
Worn Leather Gloves *
Worn Fine shirt *
Worn Comfortable Pants *
Worn Small Belt Pouch (2) *
Worn Holy Symbol - Silvanus The Oak Father *
Worn Signet ring *
Worn Backpack 2
Backpack Shirt (2), Pants (2), Belt (2) 3
Backpack Large Belt Pouch (holds my money) *
Backpack Whetstone *
Backpack Rope Silk - 50' 8
Backpack Large sack (2) 1
Backpack Small sack *
Backpack Sharp Knife (for making arrows) 1
Large Sack (in backpack) Dried meats and cheeses (food for 2 weeks) 5
Large Sack (in backpack) Candles (10) 1
Large Sack (in backpack) Chalk (10) 1
Small Belt Pouch (in backpack) Flint & Steel *
Special Case - (Backpack) Magical arrows
Arrow of Blinding (2)
Arrow of Harm (1)
Arrow of Multiplicity(1)
Bag of Holding 1,500 lb capacity 1

Heavy Elven War Horse
On Horse Small Chest 10
Hooked to Saddle Waterskin - 2 gallon capacity - w/Fresh Water 16
Small Sack - Horse Bullseye Lantern 2
Small Chest - Horse Lantern Oil (10 Flasks) 10
Small Chest - Horse Greek Oil (5 Flasks) 10

Magical Items:

Arrows from Dragon Magazine issue July 1988, pages 21 and 22

Arrow of blinding - explodes in a flash of light, blinding everyone within 60' radius, for 2-12 turns, unless successful save vs breath weapon is made. 60 xp value, 120 gp value

Arrow of Harm - does double damage to giants, 80 xp value, 480 gp value

Arrow of Multiplicity - for every 30' it travels, another arrow appears, all arrows get a separate to hit roll, 100 xp value, 600 gp value.

Keoghtom=s Ointment - 5 uses, cures any poison or disease, or heals 1-4+8 points of damage

Continual Light Coin

Large Bag of Holding - 1,500 lbs. Capacity

Figurines of Wondrous Power - Lions

	Attacks 3: 1-4/1-4/1-10 plus Rake 1-6+1/1-6+1
	Armor Class: 6
	Hit Points: 42
	Movement: 12
	Thaco: 15
	Special: only surprised on a 1
	Size 6' long, 3' at the shoulder

	Since their senses are so keen, lions can only be surprised on a 1. 
	All lions can leap as far as 30 feet. 
Males have an Armor Class of 5 in their forequarters and 6 in their hindquarters while females are Armor Class 6 in all areas. If a lion hits with both forepaws, it can rake with its rear claws doing 2-7 points damage each.


GOLD : 37
SILVER : 109

Damien stands over 6 feet tall, an imposing figure in a forest green cloak, with long hair the color of oak, hanging loosely about his neck. His eyes are green, and when he standsup, you can see that he is thin and wiry, with corded muscles, that hint at a concealed strength. The most striking thing about Damien however, is the bow. It is a very tall bow, as tall as he is, and slung over his left shoulder. The bow appears to be a crafted combination of Ivory and Wood, and has runes carved along its length. Two long swords are strapped to his back and the hilts can be seen over each shoulder. A quiver of arrows hangs from his right shoulder. He is normally seen astride an impressive Elven war horse, seated in a worn eather saddle.

A small chest is strapped to the back of the saddle and a couple waterskins hang from one side. Damien is dressed in fairly well made clothing. And an ornate ring adorns his left index finger.

Damien was born 138 years ago, to Arabek and Liriel Silverleaf, of the Borderguard Clan, in the Elven High Forest. He was still a child, only 10 years old when his sisters were born, not true twins, born one day apart, but still an amazing thing among the elves, with births so rare. Damienís mother was a long standing member of the faith of Silvanus, the Oak Father. She was a warrior/priestess, and actively defended the borders of the High Forest from intruders, monsters, and any force that could threaten the clan. As such, she was often away. During these times, Damien and his sisters were raised and trained by their father. Each was taught to use a bow from an early age, and with Damien it seemed an extension of his will. Wherever he aimed, he hit. Damien frequently won archery contests as a young elf, and became an adept hunter, able to bring down game from amazing distances. He studied the skills of tracking, and animal lore from his father. He learned to fight with two long swords when his mother was home. The family was close, and as his mother rose in power in the faith of Silvanus, the family gained prestige, and power. He acquired the name Damien Farslayer one day, when he and some friends came across a giant attacking several Elven maidens. Damien flew into a rage at the sight, and swore death to all giants. There he slew the giant, with a volley of arrows. The first arrow struck the giant in the neck, from a distance of over 500 feet, and as the angered giant charged at Damien, he bravely stood his ground and loosed arrow after arrow into the monster. The giant, seemed to ignore the arrows, even though there were a dozen peppering itís chest. The angry giant stopped at 300 feet and hurled a boulder at Damien. Damien stood there until the last second then leapt out of the way, still launching arrows. At 200 feet the giant was beginning to slow, blood flowed freely from its neck and chest, it threw another boulder, striking Damien in the chest and knocking him to the ground. Despite the pain and the probably broken ribs, Damien got back to his feet, and continued to fire. The giant fell to the ground at 150 feet away, and did not get back up. Damien and his friends moved closer and found it dead. From that day onward he was known as Farslayer. Damien harvested the hair and muscle from the dead giant and took it to his father. Arabek was proud of his son, and gave him a jeweled dagger. "Take this to the wizard Yarfel, and tell him of your bravery, he has something for you, you will know what to do with it, and good luck my son on your journey"

Journey, Damien wondered, what did his father mean. He said goodbye to his father and sisters, hugged his mother, gathered his supplies and started on the 2 day travel to Yarfelís tree fortress. When he arrived the wizard admitted him, and received the dagger and hair and muscle "Ah Damien, your first kill, looks like a big one, how did it feel, do you feel the rage burning in you." "Yes" replied Damien, "But I do not understand it". Yarfel took a long Ivory horn from the wall and passed it to Damien, "It is the heritage of your family, born rangers all or you, when you come of age, you must select a life focus, an enemy to battle and send your rage against. For you it is giants it seems. Take this ivory horn and travel, carve upon it, and add to it, one day you will complete it, and then you will return to me. Until then you must go, adventure, seek an inner peace, and find yourself, you can no longer remain here." With that the wizard cast a spell and Damien appeared in a clearing in a strange wood.

He traveled, far and wide over the next dozen years, he saw many sights, and during that time, he carved on the horn, slowly at first as things occurred to him, dreams, visions, of runes, or parts that did not belong. As the years passed it began to resemble a bow, and then he knew what he was to do. He returned home, and sought out his father and mother and explained the visions and what he had discovered in himself. His mother then introduced to him the power of Silvanus. Damien opened his heart to Silvanus and was accepted into the faith.

Silvanusís priests guided Damien and taught him, and as his knowledge of Silvanus grew so did the bow near completion. Damien carved many runes upon the ivory horn, but still it lacked something, he prayed and saw a vision, a tree, an oak tree. Damien went into the forest the following week, and found a old oak tree, from it he took a limb, and carved upon it, and when he was done, he combined the ivory and the wood, and bound them together, and then went to the wizard Yarfel with his bow. The wizard examined it, and pronounced it perfect in every way. He cast spells upon it to bind the wood, and strengthen it, so that it could only be drawn by him.

Damien left the wizards tower, holding his new bow, a beautiful thing of Ivory and Oak, he tested its pull, and placed an arrow into it, he fired the arrow, and the stone tip shattered against a tree stump. Damien went home and spent the next several years adventuring with his father and mother, learning the final skills he would need before leaving home to find his way. He learned to train a variety of animals, and one day when his training was completed, his mother took him aside, and presented him with an Elven war horse, the pride of the Elven cavalry, loyal, trained to battle, and fast, faster than any other horses. His mother bade him farewell, and blessed him with a holy symbol of Silvanus, a symbol of her love for him, and of Silvanusís magic. "One day my son, you too will be able to call upon the magic of Silvanus, come back to me then, and I will complete your teachings. Now go and see your father he has some special presents for you. He has been working very hard on them for several years, so be a good boy, and make him feel good" Damien went to his father, who was sitting in front of a small display case, containing a bunch of carved animals. "Ah my son, did your visit with your mother go well, she loves you so. Do you like the carvings, pick one, and take it, if you like" Damien looked at them, carvings of horses, lions, bears, wildcats, and birds. But he was drawn to the lions, a pair of magnificent beasts. He had seen a live lion once, a powerful and noble creature it was. Damien reached out and picked up a lion, the male "A good choice son, but where Kala goes, so does his mate Arbra" His father reached for the other figurine and passed it to Damien, when he did a flash of magical energy passed between his father and the figurines, and then to Damien. They are linked to you now son. You can call upon them, and they will come to you once a day, use them in times of need. I also have for you a small selection of arrows I have been working on They do many different things, try them out and send word on how they work. Good luck my son, make the family proud, and remember, you are a Silverleaf, of the Borderguard, take this ring, so that your allies may always know you." He handed Damien a ornate ring, and then walked him to the front of their large home. His sisters were there, with several bags, "Food for your travel, and spare clothes, and candles, and rope, everything you will need to come home safe from your journey" They hugged him and kissed him on the cheek, and then he rode off.

Searching for adventure....

He traveled towards the coast, and along the way, he heard many disturbing stories of slavers, and people disappearing. So he began to ask around, seeking information where he could find it. Slavers, were not something he could tolerate.... Several farmers pointed him in the direction of... (Wherever the story takes place)

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