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Cool Links

World of Greyhawk Fan Club
Gord's Greyhawk - this is a good place for information about the realm (and different planes)
Council of Greyhawk

Gallery of Magical Blades - This is a really cool document! It has all sorts of custom magical swords and daggers. I highly recommend that you download it. This NetBook came from NetRPG. They have all sorts of NetBooks (Poisons, Herbs, Wizards, Magic Items, Names, Plots, Skills, Classes, etc - there are too many for me to list here). Go to their web site and check them out!

The Dragon's Trove - it is an excellent place to get RPG material - old and new. I've used it several times to get some 1st edition stuff.

The PBEM News - if you are looking for a PBEM to play in, this is the place to go. If you are wanting to lurk in a game, please go back to the main page and sign up there.

Unearthed Arcania - this is just an all around cool AD&D site to visit. Check it out!

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Unearthed Arcania

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