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Nial Darkhands

True name of character (given at birth): Nial Darkhands

Physical description of character: Small and wiry. Has dark curly hair and a tanned complexion. He is very ugly. Has warts and scars. His black hands are very noticeable.

Personality Description (How others who know him well would describe it): A very gruff fellow. Has not had much contact with humanoids and has problems with large crowds. Very suspicious of company.

Ego (How he/she would describe their personality): Doesn't like people. Has not had any real friends apart from his mentors. Doesn't think he has a personality.

Fears, phobias, or obstacles in his/her path to self-mastery: Fears crowds and liking people. Fears betrayal.

Choose a couple guiding principles for the character, by which they live their life: Incredibly loyal to anyone that befriends him.

Description of early life of character: Nial was always a mischievous child. His parents tried their best to instill into their son the farming values they lived by, but to no avail. He was caught by a wandering merchant with his hands in the merchant's belongings and was brought before the local magistrate. His sentence was to have his hands magically enchanted so they always appeared black. This spell was reversible but the young Nial enjoyed the stigma surrounding his hands and elected to keep the spell in place after he completed his punishment. Thus the name Nial Darkhands came about.

He ran away from his farming parents when in his early teens. During his travels he was set upon by a band of goblins while crossing a mountain range. Sorely beset by numerous enemies he took shelter in a cave. The Goblins entered and Nial was forced to flee deeper into the cave complex. After wandering despondent for days, lost in a world of darkness with only his meager infra-vision to light the way, he was confronted by a strange being. It was man shaped yet had the wings of a bat.

Description of apprenticeship, training, etc: The strange creature introduced himself as Kirroth, a bat-man from the caverns far below. He had been exiled by his people for practicing strange and new magics in his home and forced to live near the surface. He offered the young Nial the opportunity to study magics with him in return for performing various household tasks such as cooking, cleaning etc.

Over the next few years Nial learned from the bat-man the basic's of spell casting. He let a very reclusive life, only meeting Kirroth's one other friend, Torr Ironside, a grey dwarf. Torr also took an interest in Nial's education and spent a long time tutoring him in the shadowy arts, those of the assassin. He taught Nial the use of poisons, the art of 'sneaking' and weapon skills. The dwarf had his young apprentice carrying heavy loads and building his strength and constitution.

Numerous rock falls and general cuts and scrapes to Nials face and body went untended, causing excessive scaring. In short, Nial was ugly!

The not-so-young halfling was kicked out of the caves by his two teachers after about 20 years of training. They told him to go and find his own way around the world and to let them enjoy their exile! Before leaving, Kirroth gave him an ancient relic of his people, stolen away from them when the bat-man fled, a 'cloak of the bat'.

Description of early adventuring life: So Nial went to the big city and spent quite a while doing assassination jobs for various rich and influential people. He was moderately successful then heard about a job from a former employer. It would involve him joining with a group of adventurers but the pay was good and life in the city was getting a bit too monotonous.

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