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Lianya Kensin

Physical Description Lianya is a tall, lean young human woman. She has thick, shoulder-length brown hair that she keeps intricately twined. Keen, sparkling blue eyes quietly observe all that goes on around her. She is dressed in chainmail and a finely-wrought sheathed broadsword hangs at her side. A dark blue cloak is thrown back over her shoulders and the symbol of Celestian is delicately stitched across the back in fine golden thread. A holy symbol hangs around her neck

Personality Description Lianya is a bright, intelligent young lady. She has a very keen mind and a quiet nature. Lianya is soft-spoken but firm in her resolutions. She approaches new situations with a quiet curiousity but is rather reserved until she has thought something through. She learned early in life that there are two sides to any story and she takes her time, thinking decisions through. She is friendly and kind. She has pledged to help those in need and she finds great fault with needless destruction. She will not fight a creature that has not harmed her or anyone else in any way or has not proven itself a menace.

Background Lianya was raised by her family for the priesthood. Her father, a navigator before his retirement turned toward the study of stars upon reaching old age. Her mother, always a follower of Celestian, was a philospher and known author. Both were devout Celestian-followers who instilled this into their daughter. The youngest daughter of 7 children -- and the only girl of the family -- however taught her an early appreciation for fighting skills. After all, how else does a small girl survive against 6 older boys! Lianya was devote, even in her early years and was a kind, loving child. She enjoyed playing the peace-keeper in heated situations and had a kind word for everyone she met.

Lianya followed her parents' aspirations and entered the priesthood at the age of 10. While she was an apt pupil in the physical side of her education, she was, at best, clumsy with the magical side. Much frustration ensued and Lianya felt personal failure. Her teachers could find no reason for her failure to handle the deeper-than-average magical studies other than there are some people simply not cut out for it.

Lianya agonized over her situation for many weeks. Finally, during a quiet walk in a nearby forest, the answer came to her. She had heard of holy warriors -- fighters who fight for the faith of their gods. Here was a way she could maintain her faith while doing what she was good at, fighting!

Lianya hurried back to the monastery and talked with her elders. The elders were reluctant to send her away. Few females aspired to holy warrior in their area. Lianya, however, was persistant. Finally, they agreed and Lianya was sent to a nearby city for training.

Here she thrived! Lianya proved a very skilled warrior. She learned much and quickly, for she was doing what she loved. Lianya graduated with the highest honors. Now, she has set out to find a use for her skills -- to fight in the name of Celestian.

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