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Kilroy McHauven

True name of character (given at birth): X Kilroy McHauven

Physical description of character: X A weak looking, small gnome.

How would your character describe his/her identity to a judge or magistrate: X A bardish fellow

Personality Description (How others who know him well would describe it): X A quick wit and great entertainer

Ego (How he/she would describe their personality): X Wants to create the ballad of the age. Very ambitious but loyal to his friends.

Fears, phobias, or obstacles in his/her path to self-mastery: X Afraid that he might miss some great event that could propell him to instant fame

Choose a couple guiding principles for the character, by which they live their life: X Wants to create the ballard of the age.

Description of early life of character: X Kilroy Ďattachedí himself to a wandering minstral at an early age. The singer tried everything to lose the strange gnomish child but finally saw a way to exploit his comic appearance. He was dressed in clown clothes and taught to tumble about to the amusement on many audiences. As the pairís fame grew, his master was finally brought before the bard council to perform. in the midst of a tumbling act he suddenly stopped and sang for the assembled bards. Such a pure sweet sound had not been heard in the hall for many a year. At the end of the performance the chief bard stood and announced that Kilroy now belonged to the bards hall.

Description of apprenticeship, training, etc: X He was apprenticed to the chief bard himself. He learnít to play all of the clasic instruments and oftened accompanied his playings with song. He was taught to use his natural charisma to influance audinces and individuals alike.

Description of early adventuring life: X He took up the life of a wandering bard and often adventured with various bands of heroís. He is currently on the lookout for a group whose exploits he can transfer to ballad.

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