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Cyvara does not know who her mother and father are. Her master (Rhyloren) refused to tell her, insisting that what was in the past is not important to her, only that he loves and cares for her. She looked for a family resemblance in her master but never found any. He was a powerful (at least seen through Cyvara's eyes) wizard with many exotic and mystical things scattered around his huge mansion. Certain things she was never allowed to touch, but otherwise she was encouraged to experiment and learn. He taught her many things about the world, being a lady, and mostly of all magic. She could speak the words of magic before she learned most of her other languages, but she would not cast her first spell until she was 13 years old.

Rhyloren was overly protective and possessive of his god-child and student, and always made sure she had the best of everything so that she would grow up healthy, fit, and beautiful. He fell in love with that beauty, more than a father should, when she was still young, and made her share his bed more nights than not. He was demanding and intolerant of mistakes and kept strict rules and levied humiliating punishments. Of course, Cyvara did not know that anything he was doing was improper or unjust, having always grown up under his control and tutalige. She displayed promising skills and intelligence, was charming a nd polite to his occassional guests, and above all respected him for his knowledge and worldliness. When he was busy, she would run and play like any normal girl, but always by herself. She was not allowed to have friends or even see anybody her master did not wish her to. She loves music and dance, and Rhyloren encouraged this behavior, enjoying watching her grace and finess.

When Cyvara was 16, Rhyloren went on a trip. As usual, he did not tell her where he was going. However, he never returned and after a few months, Cyvara became worried. One of Rhyloren's colleagues (Suin) occassionally used the master's labs. Suin didn't mind the girl being around, as long as she did not get in his way. After 4 months of the master being away, she asked Suin about him. Suin feigned ignorance. Three years passed, Cyvara alone in the huge mansion that was her home. The servants still cared for the place, but she was not supposed to associate with them (althought she did a little anyhow, out of boredom). She studied her magic, read, danced, and continued to worry about her master. Finally, after her 19th birthday she could not bear the loneliness any more and demanded the Suin give her some answers. Cryptically, he indicated that Rhyloren is somehow involved in the quest she is about to undertake.

So, with much trepidation, she sets out into the world to try to find out what happened to her master. The stories of the slaves and missing people also struck her heart with sadness and grief, and if she can help then she will certainly do her best to set right what has gone wrong for far too long. Although she doesn't feel very confident in being up to the task.

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