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Cygar Doral

Cygar Doral is a 23 year old Half-Elf male standing 6' tall and weighing 150 lbs. When Cygar's Human father Horgas left to go fight the in the Orc Wars, Cygar and his Elven mother returned to the forest where she grew up to wait for him to return. Two months later, when Cygar was 11 his mother died during the winter and he was left in the care of is uncle Jama, a well known and respected Elven Ranger. Jama and Cygar spent a lot of time together talking about the forest and it's inhabitants. Cygar informed him that he would like to learn the ways of a Ranger and Jama agreed to teach him. The next several months were spent learning the methods of tracking and how to shoot a bow and swing a sword. . Unfortunately the studies were cut short when Horgas returned after sustaining an injury in a battle which left him unable to fight. Finding his wife had died while he was away, he took Cygar and returned to his home town of Enstad. Horgas was devastated by the death of his wife and his early retirement and soon turned to drinking to easy his pain. Not long after Cygar turned 12, Horgas was killed in a bar fight. Since Cygar had no other relatives in town and his father had left quite a debt behind, he ended up on the streets and had to fend for himself.

As you can imagine life is not easy on the streets of a big town for one so young and Cygar found himself in the company of people he never thought he would associate with. Cygar took odd jobs to help survive including one with a locksmith who taught him quite a lot. He also did a lot of other jobs which he would really rather forget about. Through all this though he never forgot the things that his Uncle Jama taught him and used them every chance he got.

Cygar has long brown hair and a beard and has green eyes. His clothing is nondescript, consisting of a brown shirt, pants and a gray cloak. He wears soft brown leather boots. At his side he carries a long sword and dagger and on his back a Short Bow, of Elven design, and Quiver with 20 arrows.

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