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Chapter 3 - New Friends

Turn 5

The last undead assailant falls to the ground. The nauseating smell passes. Cyvara's question, "Is everyone all right?", echoes loudly into the now-silent room. She blushes.

Kilroy and Malikor rush over to the paralysed Dainn, while Khoron calls Moradin's healing down upon Circe. As Kilroy binds the stiffened Dainn, Malikor watches the two entrances - almost as if expecting a counter-strike.

He turns swiftly and stiffens when the low moaning is heard from the ledge. It is obvious that the broad grugach elf has not had much experience with undead. The tension is broken by Khoron, who mutters "Damn ghouls" as he heals Dainn.

The moaning becomes more distinct and attracts Cyvara's attention. She walks over to the ledge, which is about seven to eight feet off the ground. The room's ceiling is very tall, some fifteen feet. She says "Maybe I should climb up there and see what...", and begins to cast a spell but Damien gently grabs her wrist, indicating she should stop.

"I will accompany you", the gray elf says. He collects his arrows and places his bow upon his back. As he does so, the paralysis lifts on Circe and, a few moments later, upon Dainn. Both collapse to the ground coughing, spluttering - gasping for air. The dwarf and gnome assist each of them to their knees. "That's it, heave it out boys", Kilroy advises.

Then, with sword in hand, Damien lifts himself onto the ledge with almost inhuman agility. He extends his hand out to Cyvara, and lifts her up. Both can see that the ledge leads into a second small chamber filled with bones and rotting carcasses.

This is where the ghouls fed ...

Amongst the carcasses are two bodies lying on the ground, both of which appear to be twitching slightly - are they living?

The moaning is coming from a bearded half-elf with long brown hair, dressed as a forester in greens and browns. A trickle of blood runs from his lips. Although unconcsious, a dagger is clenched in his fist.

On the opposite side of him is a tall, lean young human woman. She has thick, shoulder-length brown hair that is intricately twined. She wears chain mail that appears slightly warped. There is something hanging around her neck but it is obscured.

Both must have only been recently captured by the ghouls, as they still carry possessions.

At the backwall of the small chamber, covered in grime and dust, there appears to be some sort of etched symbol.

Also, a small pile of bronze zees lie a few paces from Damien's feet. A glass bottle containing a red liquid, a slightly rusted short sword, four wooden jars about one inch deep and three inches in diameter, and six small golden yellow gems rest upon the coins.

Meanwhile, Kilroy, sling at the ready, moves over to the other door on the far side. He sees a short unlit passage; at the end, he just makes out the beginnings of a stairwell leading down. The ghouls who fled Moradin's wrath are nowhere to be seen ...

[Please welcome our final two players:

David Hilton - - the bearded half-elf

Laura Braun - - the armored human female

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A word on magical items: Since we have the incomparable Kilroy with us, I have decided _not_ to give statistics in item descriptions. Rather, I'll describe the appearance, both physical and mystical, of the item from which a bard may identify the item, or other players may merely guess. Then, after a period of use, I'll privately email the item's owner to tell her/him that it's a sword +1, etc. If this doesn't appear to be working after a while, I'll just state it's a sword +1 in the first place...

All are uninjured except:

Circe: scratched (just). Dainn: scratched. Damien: injured (just). Malikor: injured (just).

And, bronze zees are coins used in the City of Greyhawk - they are worth forty to a silver piece (so you can't go home just yet ...). Please have introductions/actions etc. completed by Tuesday, 2 pm PST (that's Wed, 9 am Aust). Happy new year!]

Tyrmar moves over to the door where the ghouls disappeared and listens at the door, then looks for some way to block it from opening.

Hoping that the ghouls won't return for the moment, Tyrmar stands guard at the door with his swords in hand, keeping a watchful eye on the chamber and the pair that the group has just rescued.

As Dainn's muscles become unfrozen, he slumps forward - glad to be free of that dreadful imprisonment. While taking a few minutes to fully recover, he looks around to see how many ghouls (or were there one or more ghasts in that group?) were taken out. Satisfied that his count is correct, he moves over to the ledge. After a few tries, he finally is able to pull himself up.

Going over to where the two bodies are, he crouches by the woman as Cyvara examines them to see if they are still alive.

Cyvara takes Damien's extended hand and suddenly is standing on the ledge above. Rather amazed at his strength, she simply mutters with a gentle smile, "Thanks for the help."

Taking a moment to survey the room and the carnage, she covers her face with the sleeve of her robe, and notices the two people lying amongst the ghoul trash. Quickly, the dark-colored, young sorceress moves over and kneels next to the woman in armor and looks her over for obvious wounds. Cyvara's hair dropping down into the woman's face as Cyvara bends over, she listens next to the warrior-woman mouth to make sure that she is breathing.

Cyvara's head appears over the opening in the ceiling and she calls (more quietly than before), "Uhmmm... Khoron, we could use your help up here. There's a man and a woman up here that are alive, but they may have been injured by those undead rot-men."

"Damien, can you help Khoron up?" she asks almost rhetorically.

Once the ghoul's previous victims are being cared for, Cyvara moves over to the wall to examine the symbol there. Covering her face again to block the stench, she brushes off the dirt and filth to get a better look at it.

Once Damien sees that the others are coming around and Khoron is attending to them he moves to the ledge and grasps it and quickly pulls himself up. Extending a hand down to Cyvara he smiles "Come on, I'll lift you up, it looks safe"

"You are welcome Cyvara, I like working with you"

Damien and Cyvara look around and spot a small room where the moaning is coming from. Damien puts a hand on Cyvara's shoulder "wait a moment" Damien shifts his vision to the infrared spectrum and scans the room, "I see two heat sources, nothing else, but ghouls would not show up, so there are two live creatures in there. Damien draws both of his long swords and moves forward, leading the way.

Damien and Cyvara find two people among the bones and filth.

Damien: "Sure Cyvara, I think I can do that" Damien moves to the ledge and lays flat extending a hand to Khoron "Will you come up, and have a look at these two, a 1/2 breed and a human"

Damien goes to the ledge once again "I have found some money and gems, and a potion bottle perhaps, also a short sword, rusted"

Once the strangers are able to communicate, Damien approaches them

"I am Damien Silverleaf, but you may call me Damien Farslayer, it is my earned name. My companions and I have saved you from the ghouls, but they are still about. Who are you, and how did you come to be here"

"Groan, Oh man does my head hurt." As I come back to consciousness and try to sit up. Catching sight of someone standing to my left I quickly grab up my dagger but falter as I try to stand. Realizing after a moment that this is not one of the creatures that attacked me I say, " Who are you, and what are you doing to her?" I will try again to stand so as to be ready for an attack by this unknown person and ..

Damien: "I am a friend, perhaps, at least, I am one of the ones who drove off the ghouls who were going to eat you, the lovely lady is merely checking your companion out to see if she is alright."

Cygar: "Oh boy there's more of them than I thought", I say to my self as I see the other members of the group begin arriving on the ledge. Rethinking my actions I will sheath my dagger and standing shakily will say, "I am Cygar Doral, and to whom do I owe the honor of saving me from those dreadful creatures." I will await the answer and while doing so check myself over for any serious wounds or missing equipment. I will also look around and try to determine just how many others are here.

Damien: "Ah, that's better, I am Damien, how did you come to be here?"

Circe, still sputtering, walks over to the ledge the hairs on the back of his head standing on end, as he anxiously thinks about what the other two might have found up there besides the two people. He looks at the eight foot span, being 6 and a half feet tall he has no problem reaching the ledge. He then looks at Koron sauntering over to the ledge to help at Cyvara's request. "You want a boost up, you have to grab hold quick because I can't hold you for long." Once Koron is up Circe lightly jumps and grabs hold of the ledge and attempts to pull himself up. If successful he will immediately go and check out the wooden jars as well as the glass one.

Keeping an eye on the passage outside, Kilroy removes the journal from his coat pocket and begins scibbling rapidly. "Hmmmm. What rhymes with Ghoul. Fool, pool, mule." His nose scrunches up at the last and, perplexed, he quickly replaces the book back where it came from.

Seeing the others gathered at the ledge, the gnomish bard approaches but, being far too short to climb up, stands at the base guarding against attack.

"What do you see? What do you see?" he asks excitedly, peering up.

The young, human woman opens her eyes and struggles to sit up. "By the power of Celestian, those creatures packed a punch!", she mumbles quietly. As her head clears, she notices the rest of the group in the room. "Greetings and my thanks for driving off the ghouls. There definiately seems to be power in numbers here. My name is Lianya Kensin." Seeming to suddenly remember something, she turns and looks quickly around the room. "The half-elf . . . Cygar . . . where is he?

Did he make it?" Her eyes come to rest on Cygar and she breathes a sigh of relief. "I told you faith was all it took," she grins at him.

Damien looks over from where he is speaking with Cygar "He is here, and safe for the moment. Now, please tell me why you are here in this place?"

Damien stands and awaits a reply.. He has sheathed both of his longswords and is examining a rusted looking short sword...

Helping Lianya up, Dainn says, "Greetings Lianya Kensin. I am Dainn Giantbane. If you so wish, our healer will tend your wounds and the wounds of your companion."

As they are being treated (i.e. bandaged, magically healed, etc), Dainn thinks about the situation, ~Just what were these two doing in this area? Could they be working for the slavers?~

Damien calls out about finding treasure. Hearing about the gems Dainn looks up - completely losing his train of thought. Eyes glittering at the possible enhancement of his abilities, his does his best to redirect his mind back to the matters at hand and off that of the treasure.

After the wounds have been treated, Dainn ask Lianya and Cygar, "So what were you doing in this building before you were attacked by the ghouls? I must say that this is not a place that one goes for a leisurely stroll."

Damien looks down over the ledge, at the little gnome "Do you know anything about appraising gems? We found some, and two people a human and a 1/2 breed. You want to come up or stay down there, There is no way out from up here that I can see, so we'll be back down there in a minute."

Damien will drop the gemstones down to Kilroy if he expresses a knowledge of them.

Kilroy's eye's widen at the gems. "Certainly! Yes, I'll look at them."

The gnome grabs the stones and again goes for his journal. He quickly begins sketching the stone and appraising their worth. He will attempt to discern if they contain any magical properties and immediately write down his findings.

Damien is examining the short sword, and draws in hi breath as he starts running a whetstone across the blade. "Whew, this is a very fine weapon, who would let it rust like this"

Damien looks about the room, and then approaches Tyrmar "You see the short sword Tyrmar, Tell me, does this weapon look like it would suit you, with a little care, it is a well made weapon, possibly of elven or dwarven make, but it has probably lain here for decades and rusted, it needs some care, look at the fine edge I have revealed with but a few passes of the whetstone"

Tyrmar sheaths one of his blades and takes the rusted weapon from Damien. Examining it closely the elf shrugs, "I am not a weaponsmith I can't say of its origins, perhaps one of the spellcasters could see if it is enchanted some time." Sheathing his other sword, Tyrmar pulls out a whetstone and methodically starts cleaning the blade.

Damien then calls over to Khoron "The wooden jars over there, are filled with some kind of paste or ointment "I know nothing of such things, they may be useful"

Lianya struggles to her feet and offers thanks to her new companions for their help. Readjusting her armour to its normal position, she offers Damien a smile. "As I said, my name is Lianya Kensin and I am in the service of Celestian. I have come to be here mostly due to my own foolishness. I had heard rumors of slaves in need to help and had investigated the rumors. I discovered this city of Highport as the center of the problems and while investigating the city, I heard strange noises coming from the keep. Hoping to do some information gathering, I entered, only to be immediately overcome by our friends the ghouls."

Lianya pales slightly as she remembers the attack, "Perhaps luckily? for me, the ghouls had just feed and where in no mood for eating. After I regained consciousness here, I discovered Cygar. He was quite injured and I healed him as best I could, but I am afraid he is still suffering some side effects of his recent treatment."

Strengthed by her story, Lianya's curiosity returns and she looks over her new party members. "I hope that answers your suspicious, now pray tell, to whom all do I owe my thanks?"

Damien: "If you are enemies to the slavers, then you are among friends, we are here as well looking into the slavers, and a follower of Celestian is welcome anywhere I travel. But If I may ask you something Lianya, I admit my knowledge of the gods is greatly lacking, I did however think that Celestian was the name of an elven god, how do you, a human come to worship an elven god?"

Satisfied with Lianya's response about wanting to help slaves and not wanting to get drawn into the beginning discussion, Dainn quietly moves away as she and Damien start talking about gods and goddesses. One that serves Celestian is not our enemy.

Having noticed the etched symbol in the back wall of the chamber earlier, Dainn finally goes over to get a closer look. Should he not recognize the symbol from closer inspection, he will try blowing some of the dust off of it.

Cygar says: My name is Cygar Doral and I have been sent here by the Free Lord of Greyhawk on a mission to rid our land of the awful scourge of slavery. Unfortunately the leader of our band, Delgath the Dread, opted for a frontal assault, despite the instructions he received, and we were quickly captured and enslaved ourselves. These people are not the noted for their kindness and I was tortured endlessly. I can't recall how long I have been here or just how I escaped and get to where you found me but I do remember running across the foul creatures from which you rescued me and not having the strength left in my body to defend myself I was quickly subdued. But thank the Gods for Liayna who was able to help me survive my wounds.

Now tell me, are you good folks just wandering in like Liayna or did the Free Lord send out other parties to aid us in our mission?

Before going off to inspect the symbol in the wall, Dainn answers Cygar's questions. "We too were sent by the Free Lord of Greyhawk to stop the slavers. It was mentioned about another group that went before us that was never heard from again. You were pretty much written off as dead. Do you know the location of the rest of your party?

"Would you like the chance to try to stop the slavers by joining us on our quest?" Looking over to Liayna he says, "You are welcome to join too."

Glancing to the rest of the party on the ledge and looking at both the new comers, he adds, "All that we ask is that you give us an idea of your strengths and weaknesses. We must know that we can rely on each other in time of crisis and how each of us might respond. Also, it would greatly help us in knowing how we arrange ourselves as we search this building." Smiling he says, "We have one with us that has gotten a bit paranoid with doors as of late."

Damien replies to Cygar "Dainn is correct, do you have any skills with locks and traps, that seems to be what we are lacking and could make this place dangerous. I am a ranger, my skills lie in the bow and these two longswords"

Khoron hefts himself up onto the ledge and walks over to their newly discovered companions. "My name is Khoron Graendig and I don't need any thanks for your rescue, but I would be thankful if you would give a brief thanks to my god, Moradin Soulforger, for banishing those foul beasts. Now are you you in need of healing? I still have the strength of my god and his touch can heal the wounds given by these undead." The dwarf looks down and sees Lianya's symbol to Celestian. "Ahh I see that you are a follower of Celestian. Well blessed may be your goddess and I am sure that if you call upon her she will heal your wounds, but do not hesitate to ask if you need any help. Moradin is a caring god and he is willing to care for those outside of the dwarven realms even though many think he has eyes only for dwarves."

Khoron's eyes turn towards Cygar. "I see that you are wounded lad. Now just relax, those creatures are not going to return." The dwarven priest kneels over Cygar and nods his head as the man continues with his story. "Now just relax and let us guarantee that this noble ladies efforts to heal you do not go to waste. Let the touch of Moradin chase away the coldness of your wounds." Khoron places his hands upon Cygar's chest and mutters some words in dwarven and as he reaches up to clutch the holy symbol hanging from his neck a warmth begins to spread from his hands and warms Cygar's chest.

With a deep grumble Khoron finishes his spell and slowly stands up. "Phew", he exclaims as he wipes the sweat from his brow. "I haven't called upon the powers of Moradin this much in quite a while. If you are feeling well enough to travel lad then I suggest we continue, but if you don't feel as though you can then I can call of my god again to heal you. But I would rather save my energy because I can only call upon Moradin only so much."

Khoron turns his head towards Damien and shakes his head. "I can call upon Moradin to heal those whom I wish healed but I know little of the healing arts." The dwarf reaches down and pats the stone. "This I know, stone, building, carving, not herbs and healing. Sorry my friend. But if you desire I can determine whether any of this stuff is magical at a later date, maybe after we have rested. So hold onto it and I will check it later."

"So, you want to know my life story, do you?", Lianya offers Damien a smile. "By no mean is Celestian an elven god. He is worshipped by humans all over. All those who revere the stars and heavens and the order of the universe find comfort in following Celestian."

Lianya frowns down at her slightly warped chainmail and pulls it off while she talks. The chainmail itself once shone in blacks and silvers but her recent encounters with the ghouls has left it tarnished and dull. "My father was a sailor for many years until his ship was lost off the coast near our home. We all thought he was dead, but believe it or not, he survived. He guided himself home by what little knowledge he had of the stars. From that day forth, the skies became an obsession." She looks up from working on her chainmail and meets Damien's eyes. "My father was never really a religious man until that happened. But now he is one of Celestian's most devout lay people."

Lianya sighs and slips the chainmail back over her head. "Stupid armour -- it will have to wait til another day."

Lianya continues talking as she picks up her shield. A round black shield set with seven silver stars in the shape of the holy symbol of Celestian. "My father went on to become one of the best ship navigators in the business." Satisfied that her shield has survived the ordeal, she draws a gleaming broadsword from her scabbard. She pulls a whetstone and cloth from her backpack and goes to work on her weapon.

"My parents raised me for the priesthood. Alas, even after so many years of study, magic was completely incomphrensible to me. It was then that I discovered my true purpose in Celestian's calling. I became a holy warrior -- a paladin of Celestian."

She turns toward Dainn. "I am not much for locating traps. I walked right into that ghoul's lair. But I can more than hold my own in combat and I can lend a hand occasionally with healing. I hope I can be of service."

Smiling, Dainn says to Lianya, "Thank you for telling us a bit of yourself. We will all have time later when we camp to tell stories and more of our pasts.

"That is quite all right that you are more proficient with a sword and shield than a lockpick. We can always use another that is able to hold their own in combat. Especially one that is not averse to wearing heavier armor. There are times when brute force is preferable to finesse."

Damien: "My thanks Khoron, and my thanks to Moradin as well for chasing away the Ghouls"

Damien will place the jars in a pocket unless someone else takes them. "Is there any among us who knows of herbs and ointments, these jars contain some type of ointment, I do not know what it may be made of."

Damien: "I did not know that, but I guess it makes sense, My time was spent with the animals, and learning to track with my father, and learning of Silvanus with my mother"

Damien changes his opinion of Lianya up several notches "A holy warrior of Celestian, and a human, I have never heard of such a thing, but these are strange times. Well I welcome you, Paladin of Celestian, may your path be bright and star filled"

After making it up onto the ledge Circe walks over to Damien. "Do you mind if I take a look at those ointments as well as the potion. I am somewhat knowledgeable about herbs and things magical." He reaches out his hands his eyes sparkling. Once he receives the jars he looks over to Dainn. "I wouldn't mind looking at the sword after as well." He then crouches down and starts to examine the ointments using his herb and magic knowledge.

Damien gladly hands the three ointment jars to Circe "Sure Circe, here you go. my training never advanced to herb lore. Is that something that you could teach to me, can I watch as you examine these things."

Damien will sit by Circe and watch, and ask questions, unless he needs privacy, and in that case, Damien will hop down off the ledge and make sure Kilroy is all right. Damien will draw his bow and take up a guard position.

Seeing the symbols, Dainn relates what he saw to the others. "Does anyone have any idea as to the meaning? Khoron and Lianya, you are probably the most devout among us. Is there anything that you can sense or divine?"

Cyvara mutters to herself as she stands in front of the symbol on the wall, "...Ehlonna, goddess of forests and animals... Heironeous, patron of good-aligned warriors... Keoghtom, the quasi-deity of heroism, extraplanar travel, and healing... A gateway to the Happy Hunting Grounds?"

She looks up at Dainn, noticing him for the first time. "I guess I am not that familiar with religious meanings." She backs away from the symbol a step, looking back to make sure she does not step over the ledge.

Standing quietly watching the others interact with the newcomers and look over the stuff, she finally responds to Tylmar. Moving closer, she asks him quietly, "Would you like me to see if that blade is magical?"

Tyrmar nods at Cyvara in agreement, "I would appreciate it," holding the still tarnished blade up for her to test.

[Cygar's reponse to Dainn]

No, at this time I seem to be having a memory problem. I don't seem to remember anything that has happened to me since the torture started including how I escaped and got here.

I would be honored to join with your group. At least you all seem to be able to work together and follow directions, unlike the Delgath the Dread.

In terms of my history and abliities, since my father was a knight off fighting a war I was raised by uncle after the death of my mother. He was a great ranger in our community and he taught me much about tracking and archery. Unfortunately my studies were cut short after my father returned after being injured in a battle and took me back with him to his home town of Enstad. He was devisated by the death of my mother and his early retirement and soon turned to drinking to easy his pain. Not long after my twelveth year my father was killed in a bar fight. Since I had no other relatives in town and my father had left quite a debt behind, I ended up on the streets and had to fend for myself.

As you can imagine life is not easy on the streets of a big town for one so young and I found myself in the company of people I never thought I would associate with. I took odd jobs to help survive including one with a locksmith who taught me quite alot. I did alot of other jobs which I would really rather forget but I never forgot the things that my Uncle Jama had taught me and used them every chance I got.

So I guess in answer to your question I have familiarity with locks and such and have no problem being up near the front has I can also be on the lookout for tracks etc. I also have the ability to use a bow for long ranged attacks.

During the discussion of the holy symbols on the walls Khoron raises his head and walks over to the symbols carved into the wall. His stubby dwarven fingers caress the grooves and lines carved into the rock for a few moments. "Hmmm, my training did not really include the minor human dieties such as these. Dwarves are not overly interested in forest dieties to start with, I guess that is one of the stagnant traditions of my people. Hmmm," Khoron continues to study the carving as the group continues their discussion.

With one last look at the symbols Khoron's attention returns to the matters at hand. "Well I still have no problem remaining at the rear of the party, but it might be a good idea for me to stay in the middle in case we are attacked by those undead creatures again. Unless our knew comrade has the same ability to turn undead with the power of her goddess. Does Celestian grant you this ability Lianya?"

Damien: "Well it seems to me that, Kilroy and Cygar could take point in the city surroundings, and Lianya could back them up with Malikor and Tyrmar, that way we would have someone with healing skills in the front and the back, and there would be less chance of losing them both to some unforeseen accident. May Silvanus protect us all from such a fate" Damien briefly touches the holy symbol hanging from his neck.

Lianya chuckles, "Celestian does indeed grants powers to scare thosefell creatures -- for as much as it helped me during the last fight." Lianya reaches up to grasp her holy symbol. "I have only learned the skills behind it recently however, so I am sure I am less effective than one of your caliber. I will be happy to be placed wherever you all feel I am most effective. You know each other's skills far better than I."

"Perhaps I also can assist in determining the blade's origin." suggests Kilroy. "My bardic order know of many fabled blades and this could be one of them. Incidently, the gems are amber. They are worth between 300 and 500 gold pieces each. Seeing we are now all rich, perhaps we should allocate one of our party as 'Treasurer' to keep track of the common party funds. Alternatevly, we could elect to distribute any gold recovered evenly between all of us. My suggestion would be to keep our gainings in a common fund until we could get to a town or such to sell gems and other findings and convert them to gold pieces which we could then share out. Now would be a good time to work out how the money side of things goes. Wouldn't like an arguement about money in the middle of a fight." He grins around the group. "This wouldn't be the first group destroyed by greed. Any nominations who carries the loot?"

Kilroy turns to the two new members of the troop (if they are on ground level) and greets them. "Hi! My name is Kilroy. Very pleased to meet you. Oh, by-the-way. Would you mind me recording your previous adventures. They could add valuable clues to the future of this misson." Without waiting for an answer, the fiesty gnome extracts a battered journal from his robes and begins scribbling.

OOC : Welcome to the group ( Lianya and Cygar - the rest of you already know Kilroy!!!). Always good to have a female character in a party. Two is stupendous!

Dainn's eyes lighting up at Kilroy's words as he tells the approximate value of the gems, Dainn says, "Actually, I could use the gems to augment my mental powers. I can store a small amount of my energies in the gems and use it whenever my internal energies are depleted. I personally would prefer one very valuable gem so I didn't have to keep track of several smaller ones."

"If no one objects, I will carry the gems until they can be sold. [OOC: and hopefully more valuable ones can be found to replace them :) ] At least that way, they can aid us in our quest instead of just gaining dust."

Upon Kilroy's voicing knowledge of blades, Cyvara waffles, "Yes, perhaps Kilroy would be better at determining what, if any, history or enchantments the sword has. Instead, she moves back to the symbol on the wall and begins looking it over again more closely, examining the symbols and engraving more carefully, running her hands over the lines, blowing the dust away as she does so, looking for edges or cracks, pushing on the symbols and here and there...

"Animals... heroes... good warriors..." Cyvara mutters herself, stopping her search briefly and glances in Damien's general direction, then returns to her work, "Rangers... woodsmen..."

Cygar: After discussing the order in which we will continue out of here. I will check over all of my equipment to make sure nothing is missing or out of place. Once complete I will state that I am ready when ever the rest of the group wants to leave. I will then make my way over to the door an the far side through which the others said the ghouls left and I will conceal myself in the shadows and listen for any telltale noises down the corridor which would indicate that something or someone is waiting for us. Once the rest of the group is assembled I will take point with Kilroy and will actively check for the tracks of the ghouls as well as side passages or doors that they could have gone in.

Damien turns at the mention of the money, "I suppose I would feel comfortable with anyone keeping track of the gems, I have not had too much need for such money, but it could come in handy dealing with the sorts of character we will come across here, bribes and such can go a long way, where brute force will not. I say Lianya should be responsible for the money." Damien looks at Lianya "If you agree of course, but there is my vote"

Damien sees Cyvara looking towards him, and briefly meets her gaze and smiles, then moves over to where she is looking at the symbols "What have you found Cyvara?"


Once the others begin to get ready to go, Damien will walk with Cyvara over to the ledge, and offer to lower her down, "Cyvara, allow me the pleasure of helping you down, it is quite a jump" If she allows it Damien will take her by the hands and lower her over the ledge, and will then jump down next to her, landing easily on the balls of his feet.

Damien will also help Khoron down, as well, but afterwards.

Damien will draw his bow, ready an arrow, and take position, ready to trail after the ghouls.

Chapter 4

Chapter 2